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The Unbeatable Path is a realistic and immersive first-person horror adventure in which you'll have to beat riddles and puzzles in a hellish environment. While doing so you will unveil the story of Mia and find out why she was finally driven to taking her own life. Will you change her story for the better?

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The Unbeatable Path is an immersive first-person horror adventure with an intricate and ruthless story in which you play as a young woman called Mia. To proceed with the story, which comprises of about 10 hours+ gameplay, you must solve challenging riddles and puzzles in a hellish environment. If this wasn't enough on its own, you must also make decisions that dramatically affect the the game's ending. To make the whole game as realistic as possible the game uses 3D scanned assets, modern tools and state of the art techniques to achieve a realistic look. Together with a minimalistic user interface, you will totally immerse yourself into this harsh environment.

In this dark adventure that focuses on puzzles, you'll play the role of Mia. Piece by piece you'll uncover her story during the game, to finally find out how she was finally driven to taking her own life.


Will you change her story for the better?


Decisions play a fundamental role. Many of the actions you can do lead to either a good or a bad decision; it depends on how you solve them. Those decisions will influence the ending of the game dramatically so make sure to make the correct decision.


Are you ready to find out how you will get judged?


Many different challenging puzzles and riddles await you, and the difficulty level keeps increasing from level to level. Solving the puzzles will push you to your limits but don't give up hope: all levels contain different hints on how to solve them. Just take a close look at your surroundings.


Do you have what it takes to solve them all?


With the help of 3D scanned assets, high quality 3d assets and a minimum amount of Interface elements, I created an immersive world with a realistic look for you to explore. With its high quality, detail, and perfected sound design I created a dark atmosphere for you to dive into.


Are you ready to explore hell like you never experienced it before?

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