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In this 4 player first person online co-op horror game, play as a group of content creators who are on a mission to banish a demon back to hell. The advanced, randomized game mechanics offer you and your friends a high replay value.

early access starts on october 26 on steam!


Demonic Episode is a unique first-person online co-op gaming experience in which you travel to Lost Places in a group of content creators to banish a demon back to hell. Each round plays completely different due to an advanced randomized game mechanic, offering a very high replay value with several hours of gameplay. The completely different Lost Places, with their almost photorealistic graphics (thanks to Unreal Engine 5) and the environment created with attention to detail, let you and your friends dive into the game.


You're part of a group of content creators who team up with a medium to explore Lost Places for their new video series, Demonic Episode. Once there, you want to provide your community with the best entertainment possible and try to track down paranormal phenomena. However, a much more evil secret lies dormant at these Lost Places, and you unleash a demon that begins a relentless hunt for you. Now it's up to you to fight the demon and, with the help of the medium, perform a ritual to banish the demon back to hell.


Choose from one of 4 character classes, each with two associated characters and different abilities. Then go to one of currently 3 different Lost Places (more will be added during the Early Access phase) to work closely together in three phases.

Phase 1
In the first phase you'll get an overview of the map and try to detect paranormal phenomena.

Phase 2
In the second phase, the Hell Demon is unleashed and starts chasing you while you try to weaken it. Your flashlights will also help you drive the demon back, preventing it from taking out you or your teammates.

Phase 3
In the third phase you will prepare the banishing ritual with the help of clues to send the demon back to hell.

During the 3 phases, the time of day progresses, so you'll have to use your lights to orient yourself at night. In addition, the powers of hell are gradually unleashed, influencing your gameplay.

Replay value

Demonic Episode offers an elaborate system to make the game experience of each map always different for maximum replay value. The following mechanics are randomly defined for each map at the beginning of the game:

  • The unleashed demon and its minion are defined randomly. Each demon also behaves completely differently and must be fought with different tactics.

  • Paranormal phenomena are always different and can be detected in different places.

  • The correct ritual place must be found anew in each game round using clues.

  • The hints to perform the ritual are different each time and are also in a different place for each match.

  • All pick-up items (e.g. batteries for the flashlights & medikits) appear in different places each time.

  • Hell activities during the night are defined randomly and also appear in different locations.


The game is developed with the latest Unreal Engine 5 version and therefore offers an almost photorealistic gaming experience thanks to the new lighting technology "Lumen" and the latest 3D model representation "Nanite". Here, the lighting is calculated realistically and dynamically in real time and 3D models have a far more realistic appearance than was possible with previous game engines due to an extreme level of detail. Despite the new features, the game has been designed to be playable even on non-up-to-date hardware.

Leveling, XP & Perk system

(Perks only after Early Access Release)

During gameplay, players can earn experience points to level up their character. As the character levels up, points can be earned to exchange for a randomized perk. This in turn can be equipped before the game starts to give your character advantages such as increased battery life and longer sprint times.

Twitch connection

(after Early Access release)

Streamers can integrate their community and let them actively influence the gameplay during the game. For example, chat commands can be used to trigger jumpscares or character reactions based on the chat activity.

Other features already implemented

  • Create & join private or public game (in-game & via Steam overlay).

  • Chat system in the lobby and during gameplay.

  • Gameplay & graphics related game setting to customize the game experience to your needs and hardware requirements.

  • ... and much more.



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