C.Q.C. - Close Quaters Combat is a fun and action-packed top-down shooter experience which you can play together with up to four players in a local split screen match. It provides a variety of maps divided in four settings. Each setting has its own Co-Op and PvP map. In each map you are able to choose your player from six different unique characters and equip them from a selection of four different guns, which you are able to upgrade after each Co-Op mission. CQC has a full controller support and we strongly recommend to use a controller for the best game experience.

Play with your friends in Co-Op

Connect four controllers, call your friends and let the zombie hunting party begin: the Co-Op mode is here!

Make your way together with three friends in four diffeerent Co-Op scenarios. In each scenario you have to complete objectives, kill zombies and fight an endboss at the end of the map.

During gameplay, killed zombies will drop different kind of materials which you can pickup and improve your weapons with. So once you finished all four scenarios you are able to play them again and again to gather more and more materials to make your weapons even better.


But wait, what about the solo players?

Each Co-Op scenario can also be played as a single player experience, which doesn't differ a single bit compared to the Co-Op gameplay.

Play against your friends in PvP

You wanna shoot your friends instead of playing with them in a Co-Op game? No worries, the PvP mode is the right one for you!

Each player is able to choose his weapon and select one from six characters: a military guy and girl, a police guy and girl and a beach boy and girl. Each faction has its own unique PvP skill which can be used during the match.

Currently you can fight on 5 different maps and more are already in progress and will be updated on a regular basis during Early Access development phase.

Upgrade your weapons

Co-Op and PvP is not enough but you're addicted to C.Q.C.? Then "weapon upgrades" is the answer!

Gather five different materials by killing Zombies in Co-Op game mode to upgrade your weapons with better stats and make them look more and more badass. With increased weapon stats you are able to master higher difficulties, which will give you better materials to improve your weapons even more.

So what you are waiting for? Grab your controller, get C.Q.C. and have a good time!