C.Q.C. - Final release version 1.0 out now!

Hello zombie hunters,


it's been a while since the last update but the wait was worth it! Today we released the final version of C.Q.C. (version 1.0) with lots of changes, improvements, and bugfixes. With version 1.0 we will also leave the Early Access state of the game. Thank you all for your support, the last years were full of ups and downs and today we are very proud to deliver you the final version of the game.


But enough bla bla, here is what you are waiting for the patch notes for the final release 1.0!

Massively improved feature: gore system

In co-op and single-mode you are now able to perform a headshot on zombies. Each bullet that hits your opponent has a small chance to trigger a headshot. Once triggered, the game will switch to slow-motion and your opponent's head will explode with an awesome splatter animation.

Since this isn't enough for our taste, you also have the chance now to shoot the arms off a zombie with a nice blood splatter effect.

To complete the whole we also implemented some more blood particle effects in general. So nothing more to say than: Happy Zombie hunting!

New feature: Combo kills

To make the game even more rewarding we implemented a combo system where you can gain additional materials to upgrade your weapons. It works like this: The more zombies you kill within a small time frame the higher your combo will get. Once you finished your combo you will instantly receive materials based on the combo count as a reward.

We also implemented an announcer who reacts to the number of kills you do during a combo.

Zombies: much more variation and female zombies

To give a lot more variety to our zombies we implemented different zombie styles, including female zombies with a variation of clothes. With the help of this, no zombie will look exactly like another one anymore.

Since we have a ton of different zombies now in our game we also implemented a lot of variation when it comes to zombie sounds. Each zombie has a pool of different zombie sounds when he gets hit, dies or groans around. This makes the zombie threat come to life.

Other Co-op/Single-mode improvements

  • During cutscenes the screen isn't split anymore dependent on the number of players. Instead, all the players are now able to view the cutscenes in full screen.
  • We implemented a tutorial in the starting area to get a general overview of the game. To don't annoy the player with it too much the tutorial only triggers once per map session and each one only appears three times in total.

PvP improvements

The PvP mode felt a bit rough around the edges and we improved it with following four changes:

  1. A smooth transition has been implemented between the player/weapon selection screen and the player spawn.
  2. We implemented a start animation with a countdown which triggers the start of the game after all the players are done with weapon and character selection.
  3. Your kill count will now be reduced when you kill yourself for example with your own grenade or when running into the fire or by getting too much fall damage.
  4. The winner of any PvP match performs now a winning dance with some effects. Your enemies will hate you for this :-D


  • Fixed a bug where players were able to run away from a biting zombie. This system has now been improved and you won't get away from a biter once he bites you in your throat. Except you kill him.
  • Fixed a bug where some doors could not be opened because the door itself was stuck in the frame.
  • Fixed a bug where the police zombie boss of the Urban Suburbs map stopped moving when the player was too close to him.
  • For the same map (Urban Suburbs) we Implemented some missing textures which didn't show up.
  • Fixed another bug for this map (Urban Suburbs) where zombies spawned out of bounds.
  • Fixed a bug for the Bloody Island co-op map where the player was able to shoot through the walls.
  • Fixed some bugs for the same map (Bloody Island) where shadows of some objects weren't calculated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug for the in-game map selection where some map images stayed in the hovering state.