First big content update now live (Version 0.62): New Co-Op Map, Engine Update, Other improvements

Our first big content update comes with a brand new Co-Op map, the Engine Update and a lot of other improvements. Let's jump straight into the patch notes of version 0.62:

New Co-Op Map: Urban Suburbs

This new map provides a setting which takes place in an urban environment between the Bloody Island and Balsam Retirements map. It provides some wide open spaces combined with some smaller areas. As always we implemented a lot of cutscenes and a new boss. Have fun beating him he can be quite hard to kill ;-)

Engine Update

With version 0.62 we also updated the engine to UE4 version 4.21 which comes with a lot of improvements for us devs but also provides some performance improvements when it comes to gameplay.

Other improvements

Balsam Retirements

Improved lighting for PvP map

Improved lighting for Co-Op map

Overhaul of the intro cutscene to fit to the outro cutscene of the new map


UI improvements

Replaced a lot of text with graphics for a cleaner UI

Added Kills/Deaths & HP to player screen in Co-Op mode

Resized all UI elements in Co-Op and PvP mode

Added amount of Zombies which are currently alive

Implemented some minor fixes regarding menu navigation with controller

Added version number in main menu

Fixed some problems where objective text was not updated properly


Gameplay improvements

Added arrows for the last three Zombies alive in Co-Op mode

Improved AI blueprints to increase performance


We hope you like the content, and we wish you good luck out there while killing Zombies!